Best time to visit Morocco

Best time to travel to Morocco | Best time to visit Morocco

An incredibly diverse country, right from its coastline to mountains to desserts, Morocco has something unique and beautiful to offer for all types of travellers. It is a wonderful all-year-round destination, you can enjoy different experiences in all seasons.

Are you planning to trek the Atlas Mountains or want to go surfing on the Moroccan beaches? Do you wish to experience the desert adventure or enjoy a skiing vacation? Your choice of month to travel would depend on what you would love to do while visiting exotic Morocco.

Generally, the best time to visit Morocco is in April and May or anytime between September to November when the climate is pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold.

Best Time to Travel to Morocco

  • Spring (March to May)

The countryside is at its most beautiful with lush green vegetation and blooming flowers everywhere in spring. The weather in Morocco during the spring months is warm and dry. Most of the snow from the mountain top is gone. The temperature near the coast is still cooler and you can enjoy a cool dip in the soothing water.

The best part of travelling to Morocco during spring is that you can enjoy mountain hiking expeditions on its spectacular trails.

With the tourist season still yet to kick in, Spring is the best time to visit Morocco and grab some really good hotel and flight deals and enjoy a wonderful trip which is not very heavy on your pockets.

By May the temperatures start rising and they reach highs of the ’70s to ’90s. You can attend the popular Gnaoua and Sacred World Music festivals held in May.

The Gnaoua festival celebrates art, music and culture whereas the Sacred World festival aims at promoting spirituality and tolerance through music. These spectacular music festivals combine modern music with historical traditions.

  • Summer (June to August)

Summers in Morocco can be really hot, making them it the least ideal time to travel to Morocco. But summer being vacation time and if you want to venture out, you can head up to the coastal regions or go up higher nearer the Atlas Mountains. These places are much cooler and have a pleasant climate.

There are many hotels and resorts which have beautiful pools; they are the ideal place to unwind during a summer stay in Morocco. With the holiday season and the summer months coinciding with the religious month of Ramadan, it is better to book your trip in advance to get good rates.

It is the best time to travel to Morocco during Ramadan if you want to experience the rich Moroccan culture and traditions. However keep in mind that due to the Muslim holiday the working hours of tourist sites like museums, historical areas, and other attractions would be affected.

  • Autumn (September to October)

The months of September and October are the best time to visit Morocco. The cool, dry weather of autumn is ideal for visiting the cities or the coastal areas. The weather is best to go hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Morocco.  The very pleasant temperatures attract a lot of tourists to explore the natural wonders, making it a bit crowded and expensive to travel during the months.

Travelling to Morocco is a passionate and beautiful experience. It could be chaotic and it could be colourful.  It is a wonderful blend of influences making it the perfect place to experience both the delights of Mediterranean Spain and the rawness of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Winters (November to February)

A trip to Morocco during the winter months of November to February can be refreshing; as temperatures are pleasant and not very cold. The start of the winter season is the best time to explore the popular and bustling markets in Marrakesh and Fes.

If you plan to visit the coastal areas or take a trip to the Atlas Mountains, carry a pair of woollens, as you can expect snowfall at the higher elevations, and temperatures generally drop in the nights. December is the best time to travel to Morocco to go skiing in the mountains.

In January you can expect Morocco to get chilly especially in the hilly terrains around the Atlas Mountains. It is the coldest month, touching highs of around 50 to 60 degrees. The days are mildly sunny, so you can enjoy your expeditions in the Sahara Dessert. January and February experience comparatively lower tourist numbers, allowing you to enjoy your time in Morocco in peace and calm.

What is the most beautiful city in Morocco?

Marrakech is the top tourist destination of Morocco; it is an international favourite destination for hosting major fashion shows, events, music shows etc. It is a favourite amongst celebrities across the globe, who loves travelling to the ochre city for their weddings, honeymoons or shoots.

How many days do you need to explore Morocco?

You will need at least 7 to 8 days to explore the top places in Morocco. At least 3 days in Marrakech, visiting Essouira needs 2-3 days and if you plan to travel up north to Casablanca and Fez then you will need additional 4-5 days.

Is Morocco Expensive for tourists?

A trip to Morocco is not very expensive and could be considered as a Budget destination.

What is the cheapest time to go to Morocco?

Thanks to the weather, November to March is probably the cheapest times to travel to Morocco.

When it is rainy season in Morocco?

The rainy season in Morocco begins in November and goes on till March. These months may be wet but it receives only an average of two inches of rain each month.


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