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The best time to visit Morocco is in the spring or in the fall as the weather is more pleasant than warm summer time. Usually, the months of March and April are good times to visit, otherwise, the months of September and October are good times too. The rainy season tends to be during the winter months, sometimes during November. In the summer, the weather is very hot, especially in the south of Morocco and in the desert. There is air-conditioning in the hotels and even in some Sahara camps, but please be sure you have the right expectations if you are looking at visiting Morocco in July or August (the hottest months).

Note: You will have a different experience in Morocco if you come during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims. During this month, Muslims fast from sun-up to sun-down. It will affect your tour in the following ways: there will be fewer options for restaurants during the day time, alcohol will not be available in your hotel or in restaurants, and the mornings will be much quieter as the community wakes up late. In 2020, it will go from the end of April to the end of May.

We suggest that you bring clothes that are comfortable for walking around and riding in the car. However, especially at the 5 star level, you will want to bring a few nicer outfits so that you can dress up for dinners. In the summer, you will want light clothes, sandals and sunglasses. Women will want to avoid sleeveless tops and shorts above the knees to be respectful of the culture. In the winter, bring a good coat (Morocco is colder than you expect!) and clothes that layer well as the temperature can change drastically from the morning to the middle of the day in the sun. We advise bringing shoes that are good for walking.

Yes, almost all 4 and 5 star riads do have Wifi. If they do not have WiFi in the rooms, they will have WiFi in the lobby. If it is important for you to be online when you are out, you may want to purchase a local SIM card. It is very cheap and easy to buy 3G data that you can use whenever you have cell service. You only need your phone to be unlocked to accept the SIM.

Most riads do offer laundry services. We suggest doing laundry at a riad where you will be staying for multiple nights in a row, perhaps in the major cities. The cost varies by riad, so be sure to check the place where you are staying. There are public laundries that are cheaper but take longer in their process.

We ask that you tip your guide and driver personally. Depending on the meal plans, we will let you know if you are expected to tip or not. For example, if you have booked a Half Board tour where dinner is included in your tour price, we will cover the dinner tip.

Please share with us the cuisines and or restaurants of your choice and we will help you book them. We do suggest eating in some riads, as they provide some of the best food in Morocco. Also important, your selected meal plan will decide where your driver/guide will take you.

Non-alcoholic drinks are covered in included meals. Additionally, bottled water will be provided in your vehicle.

We do ask that you tip your driver for his services. He is an amazing resource for you as you navigate this country. Included in your tour price is the fuel for the car, his lodging and expenses and full transportation services. You may ask your tour expert about the tipping chart.

We only work with drivers that we know and trust. We have chosen drivers who are fluent in English, as well as knowledgeable about Morocco and the sites that you will be encountering on your trip. He will be very happy to introduce you to his country!

Morocco mainly operates as a cash society, but credit cards are accepted at hotels, large businesses and more formal restaurants. We would suggest expecting to pay for most things in cash, except for bigger purchases such as expensive souvenirs. You can withdraw cash as you need it, to avoid carrying large amounts with you. ATM’s are readily available in most major cities so you can withdraw dirhams using your bank card. Your driver will be happy to help you find one that is conveniently located for you!

We will send you all the instructions on how to meet the driver. It’s a worry free process.

Our troops on the ground are ready to resolve your issues at any given moment. You will have the emergency contact number you who assists travelers with on-the-ground problems. They will do their best to help you themselves or put you in touch with people who can help you.

Not usually. We do have some drivers that are also licensed as professional tour guides, but generally they are different. Your driver will be your “eyes into Morocco” – he will be glad to offer insight into the traditions of Morocco and the history of places you pass on the road. In the cities, we book guides for guided tours of the medina. These guides are professionally licensed for tourism and are able to accompany clients to historical sites.

NOTE: We do not do tour postponements. A change of dates is considered a cancelation/ rebook and all cancelation fees apply. We recommend getting cancelation insurance. When deciding, please take into consideration whether your schedule is likely to change due to ill health or family member’s ill health (or other factors) and decide accordingly.

In order to begin the reservation process, we require a non-refundable deposit of $350 per person. Once we have received this deposit, we begin the reservations for the hotels and transportation. Once the reservations are complete, you will receive a copy of the hotel information and covered expenses to verify. 45 days prior to arrival, full payment is due. After full payment is received, we send you a packet with travel information and vouchers.

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