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Morocco caves of Bouikzin & Ikhiyam In Imdeghass Valley – Msmrir & Agoudal

Hidden behind the mountains of the southeast of Morocco, between its valleys and creeks, there are many tourist attractions; some are forged by nature, while others are crafted by humans and one of them is the great Morocco Caves of Bouikzin & Ikhiyam.

One of these natural treasures preserved well within the Eastern High Atlas Mountains is the Bouikzin Cave in Msmrir province of Tinghir. It is situated at around 100 kilometres from the BoulmanDades, the town of Mille Kasb.

The trip to the Morocco caves is in itself filled with enjoyable natural scenery and beautiful mud houses in which the ingenuity of nature and men are intertwined.

The road to the Bouikzin cave is home to splendid sculpted rocks (Monkey Fingers), tall trees, old Casbahs, and cute little hotels along the way.

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Before arriving at Msmrir Center, and along the Dades Valley, the road that takes you through has achieved worldwide notoriety. The Tisdrine meanders were the site where Cadillac shot their daring commercial for their Cadillac ATS.

The same meanders attracted the director of the Indian movie Dishoom, who shot some of the movie’s scenes there, in addition to the Italian driver Fabio Baroni who broke the world record in the same Tisdrine meanders for the fastest driver in a dangerous road driving a Ferrari.

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After a journey through some of the most beautiful sceneries in Morocco, you find yourself in front of this majestic cave. Some narratives link the name to the story of a man who was walking by the cave and heard the sound of puppies.

In Amazigh, the name Bouikzin or IfriBouikzine means the cave with the puppies. The cave has two entrances, one on top and one at the bottom. Anyone who wants to visit should make sure they have enough lighting before starting the journey, and decide which entrance to start from and at which one to finish. Many experienced guides are lined up at the entrance of the cave; they can accompany visitors, if they want, to take the trip along the cave.

The trip takes between an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the physical condition of the visitor, and the trip involves walking but also crawling in some instances.

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Like many other caves around Morocco, the cave of Bouikzin has also its own myths. Between some who say that it has no limits and those who say that it is thirty kilometres longs.

Those who dared to go the farthest claim that they encountered what is often referred to as Id Fartouttou, or the bats who populate the deepest corners of the cave. Others – mainly locals go inside looking for a special metal –Red Mercury—which is used a lot in magic.

The cave of Boukzin did not get its fair share of promotion, neither from the local and provincial authorities nor from the ministry of tourism. Indeed, Yamina Tour will allow you to discover the sites that others don’t have a chance to experience. To book your tour go to

Cave Akhayam:

As we continued our trip to the Village of Agoudal founded in the 17th century. It is home to the Ait Hdiddou tribe, belonging to the Ait Yafelman confederation. We enjoyed the tea at the caves “the Agouni waterfalls of Akhiam”.

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